Glock Triggers

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These Glock triggers are beautifully crafted are made right here in house using 7075 AL. Then anodized for deep rich color.

Our Glock trigger reduce the trigger rest to almost nothing.  Best on the market!!!!! This allows you to shoot much faster with more accuracy.

Kineti-Tech Glock trigger system will NOT disengage your drop safety like others on the market.


Please watch install video below if you are purchasing just the trigger shoe by itself. If you do NOT feel confident you can install this yourself you need to have it installed by a licensed gunsmith OR purchase the trigger shoe with the bar already installed for you.

There are NO refunds for triggers bent, marred, scrapped, pin installed crooked, etc. during an install/assembly.  Each and EVERY trigger is checked for fitment before ever leaving here.


NOTE: 45acp or 10mm are trigger only. NO DROP INS OR TRIGGER BAR for these guns.


Options are:

1. Trigger shoe only (must be installed by a gunsmith watch video below)

2. Trigger shoe with bar (recommended if you do not want to assemble the bar yourself or know a gunsmith)

3. Complete trigger system (recommended if you do not want to assemble the bar yourself or know a gunsmith)



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    Awesome trigger shoes!!!!!!

    Posted by Peet G on 4th Jul 2023

    I have these trigger shoes on all my Glocks and they are awesome!! I just wish they would be more descriptive on the shapes and angles of their triggers on the website. For instance they should show a diagram or photograph of a Glock with the different angle triggers on them, it would make it alot easier to select the trigger angle you want for your Glock.

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    Great triggers.

    Posted by Bob Bailey on 3rd Mar 2023

    Number 3 is perfect.

  • 5
    They are the best

    Posted by Bob on 19th Oct 2022

    I love that you only pay for triggers- not packaging or a marketing department

  • 5
    Love ‘em

    Posted by Bob on 12th Aug 2022

    Great triggers

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    Glock 26 GEN 5 trigger (model 3)

    Posted by Allan Smith on 30th Mar 2022

    Awesome product. This is my 4th and will soon be a 5th purchase of the kinetic-tech aluminum trigger for my glock guns. I have tried the contoured aluminum trigger from another vendor. I really love the flat face “block-like” trigger from Kineti-tech. All my glocks run the same trigger for consistency. Thanks!

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Harrison P on 23rd Feb 2022

    I've bought a few triggers from KT and they are absolutely crisp! Definitely worth every penny

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    Gen 5 Glock trigger shoe

    Posted by Jay kellow on 2nd Dec 2021

    Very happy with it and looks awesome

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    Flat face Glock trigger shoe

    Posted by Francisco Romanos on 22nd Oct 2021

    Love this trigger I bought one last year for my Glock 19 and just recently bought one for my Glock 43x. Highly recommend them

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    You can pay much more and receive less

    Posted by Robert Bailey on 31st Mar 2021

    These triggers make me look good. (I do Glock triggers at gun shows in the west)